Well, I justed finished the Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows book...about time. I was half way into it back in September, but then I had Aribeth early and so I haven’t picked up the book since. I use to read every night before I go to bed. But I’ve been soooooo tired with the kids that I don’t wanna do anything but go to bed! Then this past Nick was buggin me when I was gonna finish mah Harry Potter book. I blew it off for another week then I finally I read a chapter....then another...then another till I couldn’t put it down.

I finished it last night.......5 month later since I started it. And I have to say then when they make that movie.....if they don’t cut anything out....it would be rated R. It was pretty violent....and lots of death. Some of the deaths that J.K Rowling put in there made my jaw drop. And sad.

I think my fav chapter was near the end. I think it was called ’The Forbidden Forest." I thought it it was sad. :(

And the ending? Let’s just say I thought the ending was amusing. :) But it’s also kinda sad that the series is over......