I went back to the shelter today. I didn't see Sue in the main display areas so I went to the front desk to see if she was still there. They said she was there but in a back room area because of her health. I got to see her again in one of the meeting rooms. She's sooo sweet. To me she seemed more in better health than 3 weeks ago. It's so funny, I hold her up to my chest then she would climb my sweat shirt and stand on my back. And I can hold her like a baby.

I told the staff that I wanted to keep her. They said that's great, but because of her health they wanted to do some blood tests. Otherwise I could take her home today and get her spayed later when she is feeling better.

So I took Cale and Ari to look at the other animals as we waited. All the doggies, kitties and rabbits. So cute! Then a lady came to us and said that Sue was still sneezing so she didn't think it was a good idea for me to take her home today. They said they want to give her some respiratory treatment to see if they can get her to feel better. I said that was fine. I don't care if she stays for a month as long they can make her well again. (And safe.) They also said that they put in her Microchip identification implant, that will have my address information encase if she gets lost. So they said they would put her on hold for 5 days and call me to give me any news.

I am bummed she can't come home. But I mainly want her to feel better and make sure she is safe because she has been at the shelter for a while and because of her health.

I'm crossin my fingers that she's gets well soon!